Thinking Beyond Hardware :

It’s been over 2 years since we started a revolution with our Technologies. Today, we’re re-defining networks with software and helping our customers build better connections – and better relationships – by responding in real-time to user needs.

Established in 2015, Pencil Technologies provide computer network solutions and services that are aimed at maximising business productivity. We endeavour to reduce the risk associated with deploying new technologies and to minimise the total cost of ownership. In the market of leading edge technology, change is a constant. The way a company adapts to change in the market and how it is structured to accommodate and exploit those changes, will differentiate it from its competitors. Innovation and productivity are two key attributes for success and development. It is these characteristics that have helped shape Pencil Network Solutions' modern infrastructure and skill set to meet the demands of its customers and partners. Pencil Network Solutions is committed to developing a unique culture; a style of partnering with clients and suppliers, making innovations a way of life - dynamically changing as change is demanded.

We aim to consistently be amongst the Top-100 network solution IT companies in INDIA. Our goal is based upon a number of key elements, We maintain a core team of technical excellence structured on modern international standards, and in line with our focused product set. Our internal resources are supplemented with strategically selected 'best-of-breed' business partners and vendors.Pencil Network Solutions' success as a corporate network solution provider is wholly dependent on our contemporary total solution model. Our management team forms a hub, inter-linking project management, technical skills, office support and key business partners – a 'total team' approach. This facilitates appropriate proactive management and implementation of economical computer and cloud-based solutions.Our team is innovative, flexible and addresses problem solving for our customers within a well-defined framework utilising the resources available. Clients can be assured that all of their critical business issues are addressed: performance, stability, reliability, efficiency and future upgradability receive special attention. Our aim is to comprehensively fulfill – even exceed, the clients' requirements.

We focus our attention on providing every customer with a complete solution, To this end Pencil Technologies is continually expanding and developing, Whilst we understand that there are diverse areas of business that customers need assistance with, we do not focus our business on growth in all areas simultaneously.Our concept and method of choosing individual 'best of breed' partners in niche areas has proved to be especially successful.The development of new, successful business partner relationships and the fostering of existing ones are central to our concept. Mutual value is extracted by leveraging the extensive technical infrastructure- and skills base of all partners involved.The values that this brings to Pencil technologies customers is realised by way of focused service delivery and back up from partners that understand select products. It allows for Vision Network Solutions to provide optimised and effective solutions to our customer - whilst maintaining a single interface.

Technical Skill Set :

Server Configuration and Implementation, Microsoft Server Os, Virtualisation, Remote Support, On Site Support, Network Design & Implementation,Asset Management, Email Support, PABX Systems, Connectivity, Web & Cloud Hosting, Domain & DNS Management..

Skills and Services:

Our skills structure and prevailing conditions permit accessibility to a full range of technical resources to look after the clients' needs; they also provide for a growth path and resource base for the on-going development of our staff, particularly our engineers. Pencil Technologies , certified engineers to support our client's various computer networking requirements, ranging from Partnered IT infrastructures, fully outsourced IT departments to ad-hoc services. By adhering to prevailing international standards and keeping abreast of emerging technologies, Pencil Network Solutions endeavours to certify their staff in product sets dictated by international best practices. This approach, coupled with our long-established tradition of partnering with world-renowned suppliers, enables us to justly create confidence in the mind of the customer that he is being guided toward - and ultimately will receive, the best and most cost-effective technology solution to any IT infrastructure requirement.

Technical Skill Set:

Server Configuration and Implementation, Microsoft Server OS, Virtualisation, Remote Support, On Site Support, Network Design & Implementation, Asset Management, Email Support, PABX Systems, Connectivity, Web & Cloud Hosting,Domain & DNS Management.

Management of Pencil Network Solutions is dedicated to systemise business operations. A 'hands-on approach', coupled with optimally geared and quantified processes, achieves divisional goals and objectives.These processes are regularly reviewed and revised to meet micro and macro market expectations.

Partnering & Strategy:

Although partial outsourcing was once viewed as a way to cut costs, it is now recognised as a fundamental differentiator for business growth - given that it is based on specialisation, expertise and excellence. Partnering or partial outsourcing is fast becoming a powerful management tool for redefining and increasing the productivity of an organisation.Pencil Tech Network Solutions was established primarily as an Implementation, Support and Services entity within the INDIAN IT sector. As a support and services entity we believe that training and knowledge transfer of concepts, products and IT business practices is the correct strategy to bring about 'bridging the gap' in Information Technology & Value-added Services. We will continue focusing on growth within this sector. Many companies have strategies that involve recruiting specialists in high-end technology solution areas. PNS, however, intends growing through the development of its own technical skills. Pencil Network Solutions is committed to a program that ensures that employees are trained and developed, from the most basic- to high-end technical skills. Based on aptitude, PNS staff mature and develop within a structured management program – and at the pace that they feel comfortable at.

In-House Policy (Commercial/Sales):

Employees are trained with regard to technology partners, solutions, product choices and the relevant commercial aspects. This orientation is a safe learning environment, which provides the employee with an overall understanding of Information Technology.Administrative staff regularly participates in local seminars and specialised computer-training courses thereby enabling our company to maintain and build a competent 'total team'.

In-House Policy (Technical):

With regard to the technical developmental areas, the focus is on starting candidates at the most basic level. Here employees are taught the fundamentals of desktop and application expertise. As the employee gains more understanding of the subject matter, formal training strategies are embarked upon.

In-House Policy (Process & Systems Management):

Management of Pencil Network Solutions is dedicated to systemise business operations. A 'hands-on approach', coupled with optimally geared and quantified processes, achieves divisional goals and objectives. These processes are regularly reviewed and revised to meet micro and macro market expectations.

External Policy:

To this end Pencil Network Solutions is focused on developing exclusive business partner relationships with suppliers that share a common vision, both in terms of mutual growth and in development of skills. We focus on growing together with organisations and the leveraging of each others strengths in an effort to provide our clients with effective holistic computer solutions that satisfy the supply and support functions within competitive parameters.

Social Responsibility:

PNS is an equal opportunity employer and its policies dictate non-discrimination regarding race, sex, colour and creed in the selection, recruitment and placement of employees. We believe that business has a major role to play in contributing towards social upliftment and development in India . We are determined to contribute towards redressing all forms of discrimination in our society. PNS is committed to implementing strategies and guidelines provided by government. We are also committed to working together with black empowerment organisations in achieving common goals regarding all-round social upliftment.

Skill Set:

Infrastructure Management, Connectivity Guidance, MSP Support, Technical support, Desktop Support, Sales Consulting, Disaster Recovery and Prevention, Website Development, Digital Marketing, Mobile App Designing (Andriod and IOS), Extranodinary Multimedia support, Online Support for clients 24/7.

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